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Who are Julia & Mike?

That depends on who you ask...


When Mike and I met, I had just started an Etsy shop selling my artwork.  He asked if he could call or email me sometime, so I told him he could do it through Etsy, knowing that he would have to go to the trouble of creating an account first. (I had to play a little hard to get).  Later that night, I received from Mike a long critique on my art and a dinner invitation - I accepted!  By our second date I was pretty sure I was in love.  In 2010 we got married in Bel Air with my step daughter Sarah as my maid of honor, bridesmaid, flower girl and ring bearer.  Three years later we had our son James.

When I tell people that I work with my husband, they say “that sounds awful” or “you must fight a lot”.  We don’t always see eye to eye though.  Mike is a Marine, neat and orderly, and a perfectionist whereas I was raised by hippies.  I’m free spirited and like to collect everything!  However, we love one another for who we are and respect each other’s opinions.  We use our differences to balance each other out.  Most of all, we are complete goofballs.  Whether Mike is randomly making farm animal noises or I’m breaking into some crazy dance moves, we make our workshop a fun place to be.  Even our kids join in on our weirdness at home.  A life full of laughter is important to us because “why not enjoy the ride”?





Jewel is one of the most amazing women on the planet.  The day we met, she used the word “booger” in our conversation, and from that moment on, I knew she was the one.  How would I describe our relationship?  It’s more or less like Wesley and Buttercup in the movie “The Princess Bride”.  I’m convinced that Jewel views me as her farm boy - without the farm.

I’ve had many friends tell me they could never tolerate having to work with their wives, but not me.  Nope.  Jewel and I are around one another just about every waking moment of our lives, and after years of marriage we still goof off constantly.  I credit that mostly to our complimentary personality types.  

We’re like most Americans.  We work every day, put up with our kids’ shenanigans and at about 8:30 each night, all we want to do is lay on the couch and watch Roseanne reruns.  Fun fact: we really do watch Roseanne reruns.  One thing I’ve learned from Jewel -and it’s a very important, quality of life type of thing- is that we all need more Roseanne time.