money-bag-webReady to put some money in your pocket?

The consignment process at Classic Home is very simple.

  1. Submit pictures of the items you'd like to consign
  2. Fill out the drop-off sheet
  3. Schedule an appointment to bring in your items

Submitting Pictures

There are two ways to submit pictures of your consignment items.  You can either email them directly to "" or upload your pictures using our online form.  It's important to note that space in our store is limited and as such, we don't accept everything for consignment.  After receiving your pictures, we will respond promptly, informing you of which items we intend to consign.

Drop-off Sheet

The drop-off sheet is a paper on which you list the items you are consigning.  We ask that have your drop-off sheet filled out before delivering your items.  If you have questions about the inventory sheet, just give us a call at 443-770-3222.  You can download a copy of the sheet here.

Schedule an Appointment

We only accept consignments by appointment.  Once we approve your consignment items, we'll set up a time which is convenient for you to deliver everything.